By supplying fonts, images and other data to NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd for inclusion in the customer’s design, the customer declares that the customer holds the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions. The ownership of such materials will remain with the customer, or rightful copyright or trademark owner.

Any artwork, images, or text supplied and/or designed by NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd on behalf of the customer, will remain the property of NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd and/or its suppliers, in which full copyright will be passed to the client upon receipt of full payment.

By supplying images, text, or any other data to NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd, the customer grants NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd permission to use this material freely in the pursuit of the design and to utilize the designs in NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd portfolio unless agreed otherwise.

Should NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd, or the customer supply an image, text, audio clip or any other file for use in a website, multimedia presentation, print item, exhibition, advertisement or any other medium believing it to be copyright and royalty free, which subsequently emerges to have such copyright or royalty usage limitations, the customer agrees to allow NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd to remove and/or replace the file.

The customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd free from harm in any and all claims resulting from the customer in not having obtained all the required copyright, and/or any other necessary permission.

NeuOrb Consulting Pvt. Ltd reserve the right to use stock images in the creation of designs if required. Costs of this will be outlined to the client prior to purchase if not included in the proposal quote.

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