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Animation Video is another field that we are proud of. We mostly work on Motion Graphics, Explainer Videos, E-learning Videos and Whiteboard Animations. In addition to this we deliver animated gifs, flash videos, animated characters, logo and banners as per client’s requirement. Now Video Marketing has become another tricky field for creatives. An Average User Is exposed to 32 videos in a month. 100 million people a day watch youtube. 80% of Internet users remember the video ads they watch online. 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. 64% more likely by a product from a site with video than without. 46% internet users took some action after watching the video online on retail website. Videos is where your customers are spending time, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. On an average a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video. Conclusion wise, Video promotion is 600% more effective than print and online promotion.

If you don’t use online videos start now.
Here is some of our work in animation. Let me Check!

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